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EAC Seminar

One of the advantages of being a chapter member of the Embroiderers' Association of Canada (EAC) is the opportunity to attend an EAC Seminar. This annual event is held alternately in Eastern Canada and Western Canada. The EAC Seminar offers a wide range of classes with North American and International teachers.

In 2024 seminar will be held in Regina and in 2025 it will be held in Calgary.

Below are some photos of classes taken by some of our members at seminar over the past few years.

2023 - 4 Day Course
Canvas Needlework
Africana by Lorene Salt
(in progress, will post update when completed)

2019 - 2 Day course
Illuminated Floral by Alison Cole

2019 - 2 Day course
Pacific Dogwood by Alison Cole