Friday, November 24, 2017

November Guild Meeting

(1st post to our new blog!)

Show and Tell

This year we are encouraging our members to participate in show and tell, not only showing pieces they have stitched, but also showing "Heritage Stitching". Some pieces maybe passed down from family members or perhaps a find at the local thrift store!  This month Jennifer brought in some heritage pieces from her family, these items were lovingly stitched over 150 years old! Many thanks for sharing these treasurers.

November Program - Queen Stitch Notebook Class

Suzanne presented a slide show of antique queen stitch pieces followed by instruction of the queen stitch

Community Service

Many thanks to Sheila for putting together the maternity bags and Kathy for crocheting the cuddly stuffed animals. 

Needlework Is Everywhere

Needlework can show up almost anywhere! While on vacation I noticed some artwork hanging on the walls of the main restaurant. As I looked closer, I realized they were a combination of crochet and knitting. This photo does not do it justice, but they are really unique. The artist is Kate Jenkins and a large part of her work is crocheted and knitted food items, particularly seafood!

You can find out more about Kate by following the website and facebook links listed below: