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Bead Looming

A guild member gave a class on bead looming. She used disposable chip sticks to make the 4" x 5" bead loom. It was an easy pattern to follow and a good introduction to bead looming for those first timers. That's funny they both look the same! The supplies were all kitted up using the same bead colors, so we ended up with 12 look alikes accept for the one with the feather charm!                                                                       

Needlework Is Everywhere

This was originally posted a few years ago, but it deserved another look. Needlework can show up almost anywhere! This piece was found hanging on the walls of a restaurant on a cruise ship. The photo does not do it justice. The artist is Kate Jenkins and a large part of her work is crocheted and knitted food items, particularly seafood! You can find out more about Kate by clicking on the links below: